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Am I still a Virgin?
By Dr. Michael L. Collins.
As a junior doctor I was delivering a baby when the mother shouted at me ďtechnically Iím still a virginĒ. A few years later another patient asked me to repair her hymen so that she would be a virgin again.

Virginity, or being a virgin, is when you haven't had sex. You "lose your virginity" when, you have sexual intercourse for the first time. Any degree of penile insertion even without ejaculation is considered to be sexual intercourse.

The first patient believed that -
as she had only had intercourse on one occasion, that there was not full penetration and she didnít have an orgasm -
it didnít count.
It did, even if she hadnít become pregnant or developed a sexually transmitted disease.

The second patient was about to get married, she was not only lying to her future husband, but also to herself.

The hymen is a thin tissue across the vagina. It is usually not a complete barrier but may be only a narrow rim or have one or more holes in it. Under normal circumstances menstrual blood passes through it. Tears may occur in the hymen from inserting tampons, or participating in strenuous physical activity as well as sexual intercourse. Tearing the hymen may cause pain and bleeding but in some cases neither occur and the individual may not be aware that it has happened. A completely intact hymen occluding the vagina requires surgical intervention to allow menstrual blood to escape and is rare. The amount of hymen tissue present is an extremely unreliable indicator of virginity.

A virginity test is the practice of determining whether a female is a virgin or not. Virginity tests have been used in many countries and cultures. Quebec's College des Medicins has banned members from conducting virginity tests after some were found to be doing this, as well as providing virginity certificates  In 2014 the Human Rights Watch reported that a physical virginity test is routinely performed on female candidates to the Indonesian Police force as part of the job application process.

Peer pressure, cultural requirements and societyís expectations mean that people do lie about whether they've had sex or not.

Are you a virgin? You will know, it is very difficult for anyone else to assess.