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Feng shui  is an ancient system of geomancy, developed over centuries in China before spreading to all parts of Asia. Using the laws of both Heaven (Chinese astronomy) and Earth to help one improve life by receiving positive power or chi. Historically, Feng Shui was widely used to orient buildings and today Architects study Feng Shui as an ancient and uniquely Asian architectural tradition. It takes into consideration how physical and topographical features, as well as architecture and interior design, impact on our environment and well being, affecting our moods, health, and creativity.

The use of Feng Shui will show what effect a property will have on its occupants but also how to remedy problems and create the best possible living or working environment.
There are several fundamental ways in which this traditional practice may be used to enhance the positive aspects of your property and your life.
Clutter blocks the flow of energy preventing the build up of positive energy as well as draining energy from those living within it. By removing clutter you will encourage positive chi to flow through your property.
Stairs should not face the front door. This would encourage your wealth to leave your home.
Light and Air. Bring positive energy into your house by always allowing sunlight in whenever possible. It is also believed that positive chi is encouraged by increasing clean air flow through a property.
Flowing water images are good for increasing wealth and abundance. Pictures of waterfalls, rivers, seas and fountains are all beneficial as are small water features and fountains.
To achieve full benefits from Feng Shui you need to use your personal birth element, which will assist you in discovering how to create the best and most beneficial environment for you.
Traditional Feng Shui will classify properties as being naturally beneficial or having a negative effect on the occupants’ health, and prosperity. Many people worldwide now not only accept these principals but apply them when researching properties.